The Church Triumphant
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Delivered By
Dr Tom Hover
Delivered On
January 15, 2017 at 11:00 AM
Central Passage
 Matthew 16:13-19
The Church Triumphant

The Church Triumphant

Text: Matthew 16:13-19


A.  The greatest organization the world has ever known is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

B.  It is also the most misunderstood organization the world has ever known.

C.  The Church is shown in Scripture as:

1.   A Body- I Corinthians 12:12-31

2.   A Building- Ephesians 2:10-22

3.   A Bride- II Corinthians 11:2, Ephesians 5:22-28, Revelation 19:6-9, Revelation 21:1-21, Ephesians 5:25.

D.  We need The Holy Spirit's illumination like Peter had to understand these great truths.. 

Matthew 16:13-17

1.  A general question- verse 13.

2.  A general answer- verse 14.

3.  A Personal and direct question- verse 15.

4.  A God Given Answer Matthew 16:16-17. Matthew 11:25 “....because thou hast 


I.  The Church Has Deity For Her Cornerstone.   Matthew 16:18

A.  The Foundation of the Church is Jesus.

Peter = a rock, a little rock. (Nickname could be Rocky)

Petra = Big, massive, immense, gigantic kind of rock.

1.  Christ a rock in an Old testament Figure. I Corinthians 10:4

2.  Christ is the Foundation Rock in the New Testament.  I Corinthians 3:11

3.  Christ is the all time Head of the Church.  Colossians 1:18

B.  The Cornerstone of the Church is Jesus. Ephesians 2:19-22

II. The Church Is Definite In Her Construction.  Matthew 16:18

A.  The Church is Owned by Jesus.“My Church” Acts 20:28

B.  The Church is Built by Jesus. “I Will Build”

1. Jesus builds and is still building His Church.

C.  The Church is Preserved by Jesus.“And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it,”

1. The Preservation and Perpetuity of the Church.  Ephesians 3:21

III.  The Church Is Distinct In Her Character. Matthew 16:18    “Church”

A.  It is Distinct in Her definition-the Greek word for Church is:  

-ekklesia=a called out Congregation or called out assembly.

B.  It is Distinct in Her Daily Function Acts 2:1, 41-42, 45-47

1.  Regular in church going together  Acts 2:41-42

2.  Regular in church giving  Act 2:44-45

3.  Regular in church gospelizing  Acts 2:46-47

C.  It is Distinct in its Dynamics

1.  Notice the order that is given in:  Acts 2:41.Acts 2:42, 46.

2.  Notice some other verses of scripture.

Ephesians 2:19-22  “fitly framed together”, “Building Together”, I Peter 2:3-8 ”living stone”, “lively stones”

IV. The Church Is Directed  In Her Commission.   Matthew 16

A.  The word “keys” speaks of knowledge    

B.  The word “keys” also and upmost speaks of authorities.

1.  Authority to bind and loose.

a. Bind the devil  Matthew 12:29

b. Loose the Holy Spirit to impart Truth. Matthew 16:19

2.   Authority to Preach the Gospel  Mark 16:15

a.  The gospel will save you or judge you John 3:18,

John 3:36  EXAMPLE: Matthew 10:14-15, Luke 9:5-6, Mark 6:11.

b.  The Gospel will be a savior of life or death II Corinthians 2:14-17

3. The Authority to Discipline another church member    Matthew 18:15-20, I Peter 4:17       

a.  A man is put out of the Church  I Corinthians 5:1-13

b.  Then is restored back in the Church II Corinthians 2:6-11

4.  The Authority to Disciple  Matthew 28:18-20


a. Heaven’s Record  Matthew 18:18 

V.  The Church Is Destined To Conquer.  Matthew 16:18 THE CHURCH TRIUMPHANT

A.  Get the Figure Right!

The Gates of Hell are not beating on the Church, but it is the Church beating on the Gates of Hell.  The Church is to be on the Offensive Attacking the Devil, and even Hell’s very gates

B. Go, Be, and Conquer  Romans 8:37, I John 4:4, Philippians 4:13

C. The Three C’s to Victory  Revelation 12:11

“And they overcame him (the Devil) by....”

1.  Calvary“the blood of the lamb”

2. Confession- “and by the word fo their testimony”

3.  Commitment“and they loved not their lives unto death.”



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