Passing the Faith Along To A New Generation (Possible The Last Generation)
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Delivered By
Dr Tom Hover
Delivered On
September 10, 2017 at 11:00 AM
Central Passage
Nehemiah 8:1-9
Passing the Faith Along To A New Generation (Possible The Last Generation)

Passing the Faith Along To A New Generation

(Possible The Last Generation)

Text:  Nehemiah 8:1-9

Introduction: Passing our faith on to the next generation is something that was part of God’s plan since the creation of man. II Timothy 2:2  

When we are Holy Spirit filled, and we pass the pure unadulterated Word of God to others, we create special God moments of time in our life and those we teach.  

A.) A word about time before we get started in the message today:  In the New Testament Greek has two words for time – chronos and kairos. Mark 1:15, Revelation 12:14, Romans 13:11,Luke 24:32  

I. Our Pressing Message

(Also a Poignant Message) Nehemiah 8:2-3

A.) Preach God’s Word Completely Acts 20:27  

B.) Preach God’s Word Only  Psalm 119:89 

II Timothy 4:2 

1. Preach the Convicting Word - “Reprove”

2. Preach the Correcting Word - “Rebuke”

3. Preach the Constructing Word - “Exhort”

4. Preach the Converting Word - 

II Timothy 4:5, I Peter 1:25

C.) Preach God’s Word  Christ  Centrically. 

John 5:39, John 12:32 

What Is Not Incarnational Is Not Redemptional, And What Is Not Redemptional Is Not Transforming.   

II. Our Precise Method

Nehemiah 8:4

A.) Read The Word of God Distinctly.

Nehemiah 8:8, I Peter 5:2    All great sermons are birth from a text from God’s Word and will have four qualities: TruthClarityPassion and Decisionary.  All eternal sermons are empowered by the Holy Spirit.    Our goal should be to deliver both great and eternal sermons

B.) Share The Word Of God Commonly.

Nehemiah 8:8   “...and gave the sense”

Just because the water is muddy does not mean it is deep!  Jesus: Mark 12:37 Paul: I Corinthians 2 :4 

C.) Preach The Word Of God Definingly.

Nehemiah 8:8 “...caused them to understand the reading. 

The Word Preach has Reach in it and the word Each in it. 

So when we Preach it must Reach Each! I may preach Truth but only the Holy Spirit can impart Truth!

III. Our Powerful Results 

A.) They Sought A Word From God Personally.     Nehemiah 8:1

B.) They Listened To The Word of God Attentively. Nehemiah 8:3  

C.) They Worshiped The God Of The Word Passionately. Nehemiah 8:6, Nehemiah 8:9  

D.) They Lived The Word Of God Outwardly.  Nehemiah 8:15-18




20/20 Vision

Text: Proverbs 29:18

I.   A Renewed Vision

Christians need to help the world to have a vision of God like:

A.) Isaiah   Isaiah 6:1-3

1. Exalted  Isaiah 6:1 

2. Reverenced  Isaiah 6:2 

3. Glorified Isaiah 6:3 

B.) David   Psalm 139:1-4

1. A searcher of hearts Psalm 139:1  

2. All knowing Psalm 139:2-4

C.) Elisha   II Kings 2:14

1. A God of all power

D.) John Revelation 20:11-15

1. A God of judgment

2. Point out that John’s Gospel and Epistles speak much of God’s love.

3. However, John made it clear beyond doubt that one day God’s will end for sinners.

II. A Verse In Reverse 

Proverbs 29:18 

A.)  “Perish”

1. This is the most horrifying word in the scriptures.

2. This word is descriptive of the fate of all the unsaved.

3. This world describes a condition to which there is no end.

B.) “People”

1. All people are at the center of God’s concern.

2. All people have a right to hear the gospel.

3. All people who would escape God’s wrath must do so through personal faith in Jesus Christ.

A.)  “Vision” 

1. Vision is expected of all Christians. 

2. Vision is the expected of all Christians many Christians avoid.

3. Vision is the answer to world evangelism if turned into action.


Conclusion: Proverbs 29:18 


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