August 19, 2018 Morning Service
Delivered By
Dr Tom Hover
Delivered On
August 19, 2018 at 11:00 AM
Central Passage
Romans 5:8
The Romans 5:8 Factor

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The Romans 5:8 Factor

Love’s Sacrifice For Our Sins 

Fac·tor: a circumstance, fact, or influence that contributes to a result or outcome. Now Unbelief is not an intellectual problem that people have. It is a problem of the Will and of the Heart.   The gospel of Jesus Christ is gloriously simple & simply glorious. It is so simple many people overlook it; & so free many find it hard to believe. 

I. The Conjunction that Calls Us   

Romans 5:8 “But”, Romans 5:6-7 starts to paint a Biblical picture of God’s Love for sinners and Gospel of Jesus Christ! Romans 5:12
II. The Love of God that Surrounds Us 

Romans 5:8 “But God commendeth His love toward us,..”                          The word Commendeth Our text means todemonstrateto displayto give evidenceto prove something. Our text, therefore, shows the proof of God's love is for man. God loves us regardless of who we are or how we live, but He loves us far too much to leave us like we are or how we live. 

III. The Sin that Afflicts Us 

Romans 5:8 “ that, while we were yet sinners,..” Notice a couple of Key Words in Romans 5 One key word is the word o-n-e, one. It is used eleven times. Verse 12—"by one man." , Verse 15—"the offense of one." , The last part of verse 15—"which is by one man.", Verse 16—"it was by one that sinned." , The middle of Verse 16—"was by one to condemnation." , The beginning of Verse 17—"for by one man's offense.", The end of Verse 17—"reign in life by one Jesus Christ." , Verse 18—"therefore by the offense of one.", The last part of Verse 18—"the righteousness of one." There's a second key word, and that second key word is the word reign, r-e-i-g-n, which means to ruleLook if you will in verse, and this word is used five times. Verse 14—"nevertheless death reigned.", Verse 17—"for if by one man's offense death reigned.", The bottom of Verse 17—"and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by Jesus Christ.", Verse 21—"that his sin reigned unto death so might death reign through righteousness unto eternal life."  Not only are there two men, and you are linked to one man or the other man, but there are two kingdoms. There's a kingdom of death and destruction, and there's a kingdom of love and light and life and you are in one of those two kingdoms today. You are identified with one man. That one man may be Adam and you may be lost and on your road to hell, or that one man may be Jesus Christ and you have a home secured  heaven. You are linked to one man. In Adam all die; in Christ all are made alive.

IV. The Sacrifice that Frees Us  

Romans 5:8 “...Christ died for us.” On the Cross God showed His great Love and Punished Sin at the same time. We looked at 2 Key Words (One and Reign) Now let’s look at One Key Phrase in Romans 5.                                                   That Key Phrase is “MUCH MORE” it is in this chapter 5 times.

1.) The Much More Of His Redeeming Blood Romans 5:8-9

The blood of Christ makes us safe; the Word of God makes us sure; and the Spirit of God makes us strong. 
2.) The Much More Of His Reconciling Death. Romans 5:10

You cannot be a real Christian without a personal experience of Christ because a personal experience of Christ is Christianity. Romans10:9-13

4.) The Much More Of His Reigning Power.  Romans 5:17 John 1:12 

5.) The Much More Of His Restoring Grace. Romans 5:20 


Those are five much mores. One man, Adam or JesusTwo kingdoms, death and life.   A great loss in Adam and oh, so much more in Jesus. John 14:6 Jesus is not the good way to Heaven. Jesus is not even the best way to Heaven. Jesus Is The ONLY WAY To Heaven. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life. Without the Way; there’s No Going; without the Truth there’s No Knowing; without the Life there’s No Living! You see, Jesus Is Not just a navigator pointing to The Way, Jesus Is Not just educator teaching The Truth, and Jesus is not a philosopherdescribing The Life: Jesus is The Way, Jesus The Truth & Jesus The Life.  The rejection of Jesus Christ is the rejection of God. The rejection of God is the rejection of eternal life which results in eternal death.  Acts 4:12 Salvation is more than feelings or just knowing facts about Jesus. It is by an act of the will we receive Christ as our Savior. Romans 10:9-13 Why?  Romans 5:8

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